Use of the DSI technology in Putten

On behalf of the Municipality of Putten, Anacon-Infra performed a technical evaluation for the use of the DSI technology. From the autumn of 2016 through to 2018, various filter solutions were tested, including pre-filter systems from other suppliers. The evaluation mainly focused on the management aspects and possible contamination of the system. Unfortunately, however, none […]

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First meeting AERFIT expert group highly promising

The first major meeting for the AERFIT project was a success. The experts present were convinced that if the pilot in Putten is successful, then the FHVI technology will be used in other towns as well. Besides the existing AERFIT project group, participants from Utrecht University, Delft University of Technology, German University of Technology Oman, […]

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EU funding for DSI®

The EU has awarded a LIFE grant for the use of rainwater infiltration with the DSI® technology. In Putten, 570 DSI® infiltration wells will be realised in 2017. These wells will be monitored over the next 2 years. The EU LIFE project called AERFIT (Adaptation to Extreme Rainfall) is a demonstration of the DSI® technology […]

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